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My favourite photographers of the natural world:

Some sources of free high quality photos, e.g. for desktop wallpaper:

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Photography - My Personal "Best Of The Web"

Picture of hummingbird

A personal triumph for the photographer, Jeff Kouri from Colorado Springs - captured with a macro lens. You will find some more beautiful photographs of Hummingbirds here.

This page provides direct thumbnail links to some of my favourite photos and photo sites, all of which are the work of other people.

The selection is meant to reflect the general themes of this site.

Click the images to see larger pictures (they will open in a new window - just close it when you're done).

Picture of lake

Beautiful photos of beautiful places, by Steve Carter. Steve says that permission to use his work must be obtained, but will usually be given.

Picture of scene in China

The Wonders of China, by Feng Jiang. Truly fabulous pictures... almost literally.

Picture of shadows on snow

A site with lots of nature photos, including landscapes and wildlife.

Picture of sea turtle

Great underwater photography by Andrej Belic, also full marks for the way in which his photos are presented to the viewer of his site.

Picture of mountain lake

Sunrise, Dana Meadow, Yosemite National Park, one of many beautiful landscapes by Dan Baumbach.

Aitutaki sunset

One of many desktop wallpaper images from Wikimedia Commons. Great pictures, and also suitable for the background pic on your PC.

Picture of Dutch windmills

A large collection of high quality photos, including some wonderful night shots, from Deryk Baumgärtner.

Picture of juvenile bald eagle

One of many great pictures of Alaskan wildlife, landscapes, flowers and the Northern Lights, from Ruth Ann and Doug Lloyd. A wonderful Alaska site.

Picture of ice lake

The Beginning - one of many beautiful pictures by Marc Adamus from Oregon.

Picture of long eared owl

Absolutely beautiful pictures of long-eared owls. Also see many more superb bird photos by Rein Hofman.

Picture of chimpanzee

African wildlife photography, like atmospheric paintings, by Nick Brandt. Great stuff.



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