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Training in navigation, use of charts See Charles Wood's excellent site (details here).
Hints and tips on Charts & Navigation See this TCA Hints & Tips File, which you can also reach from The FS2002 Pilot's Assistant.
Flight planning tools for flight simulator See Flight Planning Tools below.

Free UK charts & much other information

Note that you must register with this site, and you will be asked to login on each visit when you first access any of the pages.

National Air Traffic Services Ltd (NATS) Aeronautical Information. A comprehensive service for the British Isles, including all kinds of high quality free charts for UK airports in PDF format (you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to browse most of this site, which can be downloaded from here among other places, and expect long response times during which nothing appears to be happening). Much of the information is provided in the United Kingdom Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (AIP). For pilots flying in the British Isles, this is a "must explore" site.

Provides information for Australia, including free charts, similar to the UK information in the above row

"Airservices Australia is a business providing air traffic management, air navigation infrastructure services and aviation rescue and firefighting."

One of the many offerings at this site is a comprehensive set of Aerodrome, Apron and Procedure IAL Charts. In order to find them, go to the main site, then to Online Documents, then to Departure and Approach Procedures (DAP), then to Aerodrome & Procedure Charts (sorry, a direct link doesn't work here!).

Note: Adobe Reader 6.0 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 is required to view the Online Documents. Older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader will not function with this service.

Thanks again to Kyle Ramsey for this tip.

Free Australian charts & much other information Andrew Watson of EastWest Airlines writes: We used to publish SIDs, STARs and IALs on our site but one of those inevitable ideological splits that occurred back in September last year saw us lose the right to publish that information to Compass VA. Their DAPS section is here.

It's worth mentioning the VATPAC (SimATC) Web Site as they also have extensive information sections on Australian airspace and procedures, IALs (associated with their Airfield Info links) and ERSA info including preferred routes, published frequencies, etc.

EastWest is still very much a player in the Australian virtual aviation scene.

http://edj.net/cgi-bin/echoplate.pl Up to date, and complete for the US, NOAA approach plates can be found here (a service provided from www.echoflight.com) You need to enter the last 3 letters of the ICAO Airport ID for the airport you want. One easy place to look up ICAO Airport IDs for any airport (starting with a city name) is www.airrouting.com/content/airportloc.html.

Free Norwegian charts

For flights in (at least) Norway. This site (together with the NATS site, see here) has possibly the highest quality freeware charts anywhere (which I used with Norway 98, one of the best FS98 freeware sceneries). The long download times are worth it.
Jan Boonstra's Aeronautical Charts

Free charts for many parts of the world

Colour aeronautical charts that Jan has created for many parts of the world - a real "labour of love". Another good recommendation from Tony Smith.

US and some European charts, payware

AeroPlanner, the folk who provide the digital charts for FSFlightMax and other applications have now provided a special "Sim Pack" of charts. These charts are at greatly reduced prices (about $1.00 per chart) and are available now.The AeroPlanner Sim ChartPack offers out-of-date aeronautical charts at a highly discounted rate. This product is targeted towards the Sim pilot where chart currency is not as important as chart price. The Sim ChartPack gets you 50 charts for $49.95 (about $1 per chart).

Sim ChartPacks are customizable groups of electronic aeronautical charts that can be purchased and downloaded immediately from AeroPlanner.com. Available charts include Sectionals, WACs, High IRF, Low IFR, TACs, ONCs, and GNCs. The charts can be used in a variety of aeronautical navigation software packages including FSFlightMax for FS2002 [and many others]....

Thanks to Terry Tyler of TCA for passing this on. See his write-up (April 2002) in this TCA Hints & Tips File for more info on FSFlightMax. You will find other similar hints & tips files here.

Other places to look for charts See the Chart Info Database page, part of the Dangerous Airports site, details here.

Also Bob Andrepont has created his own list of places where you can get Free IAP Charts - check it out here.

Alain writes: Try also a search with Google with the following keywords : XXXX (ICAO code for the airport you're looking for) and charts. Almost every time I do that, I get some results, even with remote and small airports.  (You can look up ICAO codes if you need to at www.airrouting.com/content/airportloc.html.)

Other maps from all over the world, views of the earth from space, satellite data See here in the Miscellaneous section below.
FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) FAA Aeronautical Information Manual: Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures, one of the FAA Air Traffic Publications. Chapters on Navigation Aids, Aeronautical Lighting and Other Airport Visual Aids, Airspace, Air Traffic Control, Air Traffic Procedures, Emergency Procedures, Safety of Flight, Medical Facts for Pilots, Aeronautical Charts and Related Publications, Helicopter Operations. Excellent and authoritative information.

The UK equivalent is the United Kingdom Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (see above).

www.airnav.com AirNav provides free detailed aeronautical information on airports and navigational aids in the USA. Offers some fast database searches, allowing the pilot to retrieve information which may assist in flight planning.
www.aeroplanner.com A great site for on-line flight planning. Among many other facilities, you can get really detailed information on any airport. Too much stuff to list here - go check it out! (Thanks to Stefaan Cappelle for this recommendation.)

July 2001: Aeroplanner.com has partnered with Echo Flight to provide various charts as part of their service - see this news item.

Airstrip America "AirstripAmerica.com is a free site dedicated to establishing an online photography database of the nation’s landing facilities, including grass strips, airparks, taxiways and landmarks. Information is provided for pilots, by the pilots who have landed there themselves." As of 22 July 2001 this is a new site at an early stage of development, but it looks like becoming very popular!
TCA Airport Facilities Directory Hans Niedermeier's TCA Airport Facilities Directory provides airport and runway information for all destinations served by Tradewind Caribbean Airlines (includes many in North, Central and South America and elsewhere, as well as the Caribbean), especially useful if you don't have charts of the area. Conveys a lot of information in a compact space, and now features a rapid search facility. Mainly for TCA pilots, although others may also find it useful.
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) (Covers the US including Alaska). The Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) makes available to the aviation community digital and graphical analyses, forecasts and observations of meteorological variables. Developed as the data distribution component of the Aviation Gridded Forecast System (AGFS), ADDS is a joint effort of NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL), NCAR Research Applications Program (RAP), and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Aviation Weather Center (AWC).
www.xcweather.com Wind Maps for the UK, France and Germany by Dave Billington. More than just wind maps - you can adjust these to give all kinds of weather indication just by hovering your mouse over any the wind arrows (which correspond to reporting stations). Superb presentation of useful info. A recommendation from Pilot magazine.
Decoding METAR files Christopher P. Hunt of TCA writes: "[Here is] a copy of the NOAA METAR Quick Reference Card. Well worth printing out and adding to that pile of FS stuff most of us probably have.

"Also found another great tool for decoding METARs.  Do a google search for file METARDEC.ZIP. All you do is cut and paste a METAR report into this program and it will decode it for you."

Weather services, weather decoding See also the Weather and Met Decode sections at Pilot magazine's excellent site (details here)
Can't find it? See also Flight Planning Tools and Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website Just about everything you could want to know about the real-world GPS system, how it works, how to use it. A superb reference site. Thanks to Alan White for this recommendation.
The World Time System. A technical article from the National Physical Laboratory.  In this article a brief overview of the definition and generation of the International Atomic Time (TAI) scale is described, together with the currently available atomic clocks which are used to realise the definition of the second and which contribute to the accuracy of TAI. A breakdown is given of the countries which currently contribute to the realisation of TAI and ultimately to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a time scale which is used as the basis for the distribution of time around the world.
www.worldtimeserver.com Look up local times for places around the world.
tycho.usno.navy.mil/frontpage.html U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department. The Department of the Navy serves as the country's official timekeeper, with the Master Clock facility at the Washington Naval Observatory. Apart from providing on-line access to this clock, this site provides information on many related subjects, e.g. a World Time Zone Map, and the importance of accurate universal time and its use in the Global Positioning System (GPS). (Thanks to John Martin for this and several other recommendations).
Time zones, time calculations, unit conversions Functions all provided by the excellent Breitling World Time Calculator (freeware - details in the General PC Utilities section here).

Don't forget that you can also double-click the time at the bottom right-hand corner of your Windows screen and get some useful time zone information there...

Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
Aircraft performance data, handbooks See Aircraft-Specific Information below.
Learn how to fly See Lessons, Tutorials, Textbooks below.
Flight Procedures Procedures for various phases of flight, together with notes and related FS2002/4 info, are part of the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant, details below.
www.airsidetv.com This is a neat site, especially if you have a fast internet connection. Keep an eye on airports, airlines, weather, and all kinds of aviation activity. Thanks to Mike Nowinski for this recommendation. As one of the other TCA guys says, "you can almost smell the kerosene".
www.avweb.com AVweb ("The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service") is an excellent resource for information on real-world flying. In particular, I highly recommend the articles by John Deakin - excellently written, expert, and very informative - but see also other AVweb columns.
PPRuNe (The Professional Pilots RUmour NEtwork) Forums Originally set up to cater for airline pilots, these discussion forums are for people with a professional interest in aviation. If you have a question for professional pilots, try asking nicely in the PPRuNe Questions Forum.
Aviation calculators There is a great set of on-line aviation calculators here at www.landings.com. Thanks to Mike Nowinski for this recommendation.

...And another one here at www.csgnetwork.com.

See also my Pilot's Assistant Toolset.

For general calculators, see here in the Miscellaneous section below.

www.risingup.com RisingUp Aviation Resources - a fine collection of searchable resources, including in particular performance data on GA aircraft, FAA regulations, and aviation books
airlines.afriqonline.com/airlines/index.html Rainer Labie, President of TCA, writes: "If you don't know, this is a very good site about airline history, very well sorted and complete."
www.aaib.dft.gov.uk/home/index.cfm United Kingdom Air Accident Investigation Branch.
www.pilotweb.co.uk Website of Pilot magazine, probably the best GA mag in the UK. Very good, with lots of links to other aviation sites & resources, including access to many weather services. (Thanks to David Chappell for this and several other recommendations.)
www.flyer.co.uk Website of Flyer magazine, another very good GA mag published in the UK. Has an excellent set of links to all kinds of aviation resources.
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
www.pcpilot.net PC Pilot, a recommended magazine for simulator pilots. Published 6 times a year in the UK.
www.computerpilot.com Computer Pilot, another magazine for simulator pilots. Flight Simulator World magazine has merged with this one.
rec.aviation.simulators(newsgroup accessed via Google Groups)

For more newsgroups & discussion forums, see here in the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant

Usenet newsgroups (discussion forums) are a great place to get help on a wide variety of subjects. If you can't subscribe to these directly, you can still access and post to them at Google Groups, which maintains a searchable 20 year archive of over 700,000,000 Usenet articles.
Can't find it? See also Microsoft Flight Sim Information and Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulator Home page for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
www.fsinsider.com/developers/Pages/default.aspx Microsoft Flight Sim Insider Developer's Corner. A very useful collection of "official" information, including latest info and download of the Software Developer's Kit (SDK), tips, links, and communication with the Flight Sim Developers.
FSVC Tips This was a really good collection of FS2002 Hints & Tips, put together by John Consterdine. Unfortunately it no longer seems to be available - I will update this if I find it!

Don't forget to read the README.RTF file that comes in the Flight Sim's root directory/folder! Contains a lot of useful trouble-shooting information, including problems with graphics cards and other kit.

The FS2002 Pilot's Assistant

Updated for FS2004

This is part of my Pilot's Assistant web site. Its aims are to provide guidance and tips for FS2002 (and FS2004) pilots, and to make it easier to find help on aviation and flight sim topics, whatever simulator you are using.

It includes a facility to search the TCA Hints & Tips files.

simflight.com/fshistory The History of Flight Simulator. This excellent website is dedicated to the history of (Microsoft) Flight Simulator, starting with the early times of FS1 for the TRS-80 and Apple II by Bruce Artwick (SubLOGIC) in 1979.
alt.games.microsoft.flight-sim (newsgroup accessed via Google Groups)

microsoft.public.simulators (newsgroup accessed via Google Groups)

For more newsgroups & discussion forums, see here in the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant

Usenet newsgroups (discussion forums) are a great place to get help on a wide variety of subjects. If you can't subscribe to these directly, you can still access and post to them at Google Groups, which maintains a searchable 20 year archive of over 700,000,000 Usenet articles.
Can't find it? See also Lessons, Tutorials, Textbooks below, or Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
What is a Virtual Airline? How To...Fly For A Virtual Airline by Eric Oderman explains what a Virtual Airline is, and what you need to get started.
Tradewind Caribbean Airlines The Virtual Airline to which I belong. Naturally, I think it's the best, but I haven't sampled them all! This one is certainly one of the friendliest and most helpful (and most fun), even if you are a complete beginner. It will take a little while to find your way around this site, but it's worth it. As with other VAs, it's an excellent resource for expert help, flying training, routes to fly, aircraft, scenery (in this case not just the Caribbean), add-ons, and much else besides. Many of the aircraft for which performance data are included in this tool were obtained from this VA's hangars. The name of this VA is a bit misleading, btw - while its centre and spirit are definitely Caribbean, it covers a large part of the world.
DC-3 Airways Charles Wood writes: "DC-3 Airways, a 1950s Virtual Airline, is devoted exclusively to DC-3 enthusiasts. Pilots here fly the DC-3, the world's greatest aircraft, using the techniques of the late 1940s and early 1950s, When Flying was Fun!". For more DC-3 stuff see also here.
EastWest Airlines (Australia) A Virtual Airline that I was directed to as a source of SID, STAR and IAL charts for Australia. I haven't flown with this VA but it looks very interesting.
Other Virtual Airlines For a selective list of other Virtual Airlines, see the VA page in Tony Smith's MSFS Gateway. Also, Virtual Airlines are one of the categories in the Google Web Directory (Flight Simulator Section).
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
AVSIM's VFR Flight Center A wonderfully organised and helpful site giving you everything you need to choose, set up and carry out some great sight-seeing trips in FS2000 and FS2002. Snapshots of the pilot's view on the trip, FSNavigator Flight Plans, scenery, aircraft and route maps for the trip... it's all here, very conveniently packaged. Thanks to Francois Dumas and Aiden Williams for their work, and to Rob Abernathy who pointed me at it.
Bush Flying FS2002 An excellent compendium of information and useful links on all aspects of bush flying, by AVSIM's Steve "Bearracing" Cartwright. Scenery, techniques, forums, books, VAs and much more.

See also American Pacific Northwest and Canadian Western Provinces Scenery Catalogs by Heather Sherman, details here.

Visual Pilot Guides for Melbourne, Sydney Basin, Archerfield and Jandakot

Excellent real-world information from www.casa.gov.au on VFR flying, including detailed guidance on specific routes.

Originally found at www.flyingaustralia.com, which sadly appears to have gone.

"These educational products are designed to assist VFR pilots operating at Australia's General Aviation Approach Procedures (GAAP) aerodromes.

"Developed with the expert assistance of local operators, the guides will help you to plan and conduct your flight. They contain appropriate radio calls, frequencies and CTR warnings, as well as useful safety, tracking, GPS and emergency information. Photographs of significant landmarks along the routes have been included to assist navigation to and from each aerodrome."

If anyone knows information as good as this for other parts of the world then please email me!

Ed's Flight Simulator 2002 Flights & Adventures Ed Faulk is a new AVSIM Partner. His site provides packaged flights (mostly for GA pilots) with various themes. A typical package (Interlaken) is a zip file containing chart, screenshot of real airport, flight plan, briefing, and flight files. Well worth checking out.
Bush Flying Adventures in Alaska and Northwest Canada By Bill Odell and Carl Avari-Cooper. These are text descriptions only, but very interesting. As of 14 July 2002: 
Flying the Yukon River
Alaska by Beaver
Flying the Trans Alaska Pipeline
Flying the MacKenzie River.
www.simtours.net/difficultairports.php There used to be two great resources, the Dangerous Airports Database and Dangerous Weather Database - unfortunately they seem to have gone now. This link is the next best thing that I can find at present.

See also Andrew Herd's tutorials on How To Fly Dangerous Approaches, details here.

Glacier Landings High Mountain Flying and Glacier Landings. Beautiful real-world pictures and great information on flying in a very beautiful part of the world, by Hans Fuchs. Not just glacier landings - see this uphill grass-strip landing at St. Roch Mayères, for instance. A recommendation from Pilot magazine.
Flying Techniques For more "how to" information on flying, see Lessons, Tutorials, Textbooks below.
Outstanding VFR Scenery & Textures For some suggestions, see here.
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
The LZ Helicopter Flight Centre If you are into FS Helicopters and are looking for a place to start, check out Ron Clark's great site. Resources, links, pilot instruction, the works!
www.hovercontrol.com Kyle Ramsey writes: "I have a bud, Jordan Moore, he is a magician as far as I can see.  He owns a helicopter site called Hovercontrol, which is rapidly filling a hole in that community since Keith's Helipad closed a while back. Jordan designed the much repainted Huey freeware, as well as a recently released S300. He does nice work. He is also a musician and now a video producer.

On his site he has a collection of videos, most of helo's in action with background music, all very well done. There's even one for the BIF's, a MELJET B747 from pushback to take off at KORD, one for the fast mover crowd with F-15's and T-38's, and one, not Jordan's, video from an AC-130 gunship over Afganistan, impressive to watch them systematically take out ground targets, and, unfortunately, people too.

The site also has forums, on line training, and file downloads. Might want to add it to your weekly FS site tour.

Check out the videos, they are quite impressive.  The MELJET looks so real as it rotates, one would have a hard time telling that from a real video."

How To Fly Helicopters An excellent article by Dan Morand. One of Flightsim's How To... collection.
Download from here in the AVSIM library. HELIHUD - Head Up Display for FS helicopters by Stephen Hanley that greatly improves your ability to control these pesky things, and is also an excellent training aid. Thanks to Terry Tyler for this recommendation.
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
ATC Procedures For the US, defined in the FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) (details above)
"Say Again" - AVweb columns by Don Brown An excellent series of articles on real-world ATC and related matters, including courses on ATC/Pilot Communication. Thanks to Mike Nowinski for this recommendation.
Flying the System Articles from AVweb about real-world ATC and IFR procedures.
ATC Procedures So far the best guide I have come across to ATC procedures is the information provided with Radar Contact. See, for example, the excellent tutorial documentation included with the adventures on their Samples page.

I'm still looking for good stuff here. Please email me if you have a suggestion - thanks!

Virtual ATC See the entries for ATC in the Flight Sim Addons section below.
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
How To Fly Flight Simulators A really excellent introductory tutorial by Hal Stoen. Start here! 

Other articles and tutorials by Hal Stoen

The Air Pilot's Manual A manual for real learning pilots by Trevor Thom, in several volumes, published by Airlife Publishing Ltd. I would strongly recommend anyone who isn't a real pilot and who is "getting serious" with flight sims to start with light piston aircraft and to read at least Volume 1, "Flying Training". One of the clearest manuals I have ever read (on any subject), and very accurate, having being used by many real pilots for their UK PPL. You can pick one up second-hand from the Advanced Book Exchange (details below).
Download the Student Pilot Manual from here in the AVSIM library Posted: Monday, March 26, 2001 - 12:55: "Last Wednesday Ray Porteous uploaded the Student Pilot Manual to the AVSIM Library and we think it needs a special mention. We downloaded it and took a long look at what it has to offer. This versatile manual will help the flight simulator beginner and sharpen the skills of the seasoned pilot. This manual, designed from real aviation manuals, will give you a very good understanding of the hows & whys of flying. After you have studied the manual follow the link within the manual to his site and sit the online exam & become a registered virtual pilot. The Student Pilot Manual is based on the Cessna 182 and it available in as Ray says Australian/English only."
Real-world information on VFR flying in Australia, including detailed guidance on specific routes Great educational material from the Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Useful for any learning pilots even if they don't fly in Oz. 

See here for details.

Soft and Short Field Operations An excellent FS Flight Tutorial by AVSIM's Steve "Bearracing" Cartwright, especially for those people interested in bush flying. For Steve's superb compendium of everything relating to bush flying, see here

(Thanks again to Pär Bensered for this recommendation.)

www.navflightsim.com Charles Wood's excellent site for navigation training. As he says: "I found no single site on the web for flight-sim enthusiasts that addresses everything from basic navigation, to low frequency navigation using the NDB (Non Directional Beacon), to VOR navigation, and the full range of instrument approaches. So this is my attempt to fill that void." And a brilliantly successful attempt it is! You can also download a specially adapted SAAB MFI-17 trainer from here in order to carry out the exercises, and you will get some good flying lessons too. This is by far the best on-line training resource for this topic that I know. Great design, great content.
http://topskills.com/flitsim.htm Manuals for flight simming by Bill Stack. For some reviews of these popular manuals, see here.
AVweb articles on real world flying See above. Several of these are referred to from the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant, details above.
www.aopa.org/special/microsoft/flightsim.html Christopher P. Hunt of TCA writes: "Just came across a really!! good training site. Extremely informative and very useful, run by AOPA (the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) a real world organisation. It has a section dedicated to FS flight training."
Flight Procedures Procedures for various phases of flight, together with notes and related FS2002/4 info, are part of the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant, details above.
Scenery Tutorials See Scenery Hall Of Fame (details here).
AVSIM's Aviation Weather Centre
Michael Vone's MV Challenges
Jim Oates' Aircraft Painting Tutorials
Geoff Butler's Flight Sim Flying School
These are some of the sites in the AVSIM Educational Resource (AER) that have not been listed elsewhere.
Flightsim's "How To..." Collection Here you can find all kinds of useful hints and tips relating to flight simming, ranging from flying and navigation to building your own rudder pedals to optimising the performance of your flight sim.
www.itvv.co.uk The site for Intelligent Television and Video, a company that produces high quality videos of airliner flights, with procedures captured as they happen in the cockpit, commentary provided by the captain and first officers. One of the recent releases is Virgin Atlantic 747-400, over 2 hours of detailed information including pre-flight preparations with flight plans, fuel calculations and charts. Videos available in various formats for different parts of the world.
How To Fly Dangerous Approaches: Innsbruck One of Andrew Herd's excellent series. This is an extremely enjoyable way of learning about several aspects of flying, as well as enjoying some spectacular scenery. Other articles in this series (and other very useful stuff) can be found in Flightsim's excellent How To... Collection.

See also the Dangerous Airports (and Dangerous Weather) Databases, details above.

www.best.com/~williams/avform.htm Ed Williams' "Aviation Formulary". Contains a wealth of formulae relevant to flying and navigation.
Pilot's Assistant Home page for my toolset, which is intended to be a useful learning and reference aid for several aspects of simulated flying, among other things.
www.abebooks.com If you're looking for books on flying or flight simming (or anything else, come to that) you don't have to buy them from amazon.com. Instead, try buying them cheaper second-hand from the Advanced Book Exchange. This amazing Canadian-based site allows you to browse second-hand book stores across the world, and easily locate and buy what you want.

For example, try searches for books whose title contains VFR or IFR or Pilot's. Or try keyword Aviation together with a title containing the word Handbook. You will find an amazing amount of good stuff!

(This site's address was given to me by a second-hand bookseller in a small town in Sussex, England... it seems that Terry Pratchett's L-Space is becoming reality!)

Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
www.b737.org.uk The Boeing 737 Technical Site. A B737 site written by British 737 pilots. Contains POHs and loads of other info.
www.smartcockpit.com All kinds of real world information for the Boeing 737 and Boeing 767. (Thanks again, Pär.)
Download from here in the AVSIM library Performance, procedures and limitations for Boeing 707, 737-200, -300, -400 and -700 Series, 757-200, 767-200/200ER/300, and an ever-growing list of other aircraft including other Boeing models, Airbus models, ATR... PDF files created from real-world manuals by Matt Zagoren
www.esscoaircraft.com Where to buy and sell all kinds of new and used manuals - including civilian and military aircraft manuals, avionics manuals and major airline flight manuals. There is much other good stuff at this site. Thanks to Cal Booth for this recommendation.
www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/index.html Aero magazine - a source of supplemental technical information about Boeing- and Douglas-designed airplanes. Full reprints of the articles in the printed version of the magazine. Lots of interesting stuff.
www.douglasdc3.com The DC-3 Hangar - a comprehensive site dedicated to this wonderful aircraft. Among many other things, contains lots of technical data, flying information and links to many other DC-3 related sites. For more DC-3 stuff see also here.
AOPA Pilot Magazine's Aircraft Database Performance data on a large range of all kinds of aircraft - select by aircraft type or by manufacturer. Thanks to Ron Ginsberg for this recommendation.
www.risingup.com/planespecs Performance data on a large range of General Aviation aircraft
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
Weather Generation
www.fsmeteo.com FSMeteo, generally considered the best real-weather generating program for Microsoft Flight Sim, at least up to FS2002, with V5.0 greatly extending the "winds aloft" facility and V5.2 adding met information and wind heading corrections to your flight plans. V8.0 works with all MSFS versions up to FSX. Excellent support. Requires FSUIPC.
www.hifisim.com ActiveSky wxRE - as of December 2002, a hot new competitor for FSMeteo.
www.bearsoft.de/indexUS.html GetWeather - a recommended freeware alternative to FSMeteo. The site has good documentation - and some additional information on using GetWeather will be found in the August 2002 section of this TCA Hints & Tips File.
Can't find it? See also Other Places to Look below, or return to Contents List.
Flight Planners, Flight Management Systems
www.fsnavigator.com FSNavigator 3 is freeware, one of the very best add-ons for FS98. For no cost in either money or frame rates, builds a database from your actual scenery files and then opens up the flying world for you. Usable with FS2000 but currently needs a ready-made database (created by Dennis Thompson, file fs2kdt60.zip available from www.flightsim.com) instead of reading your actual FS2000 scenery files. A truly shining example of freeware. When you feel like complaining about some aspect of (say) FS98, take a look at the "round world view" that FSNavigator provides and contemplate the total work that has gone into the simulator and its add-ons... This freeware version can be found here in the AVSIM library (thanks, Marcel).

FSNavigator 4 (version 4.7 as of July 2007) is shareware. It reads FS98, FS2000, FS2002 and FS2004 scenery, provides high and low level routes, and offers a growing database of SIDs and STARs that can be automatically incorporated in flight plans, along with a number of other improvements. SIDs and STARs can be downloaded and updated while running FSNavigator. You can also get a monthly update of airways and intersection data from Richard Stefan's site, see here

nav.consequential.org Ted Wright's Nav 3.0 is a free navigational aid viewer, map generator, and flight planner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I don't use it myself, but those who do rate it very highly - well worth checking out.
rfinder.asalink.net/free A free Flight Plan Generator. Recommended by TCA pilots: "You can enter the ICAO code's of the airports you want and the site generates a flightplan... You can even plan NAT tracks for the day that you're flying an atlantic route."

link updated

Here you can download the newest AIRAC-Navdata (airways, intersection data) for Flightmanager, FS-Navigator, FS-Build, EFIS98 and Squawkbox, updated monthly, as well as the real daily NAT-tracks for routes over the North Atlantic.
Pilot's Assistant Fuel Planning - home page for my toolset, which provides fairly realistic fuel planning among other things.
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AI Traffic, Simulation of Other Aircraft and Vehicles
TCA AI Traffic Learning Centre A new tutorial section (as of May 2003) at the TCA site, answering lots of questions. Well worth visiting.
Hints & Tips on AI Aircraft See the TCA Tips for AI Aircraft (FS2002, FS2004) which you will find at the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant, details above.
www.lenshanger.co.uk Here you will find among other things files and instructions to add ATC coverage and AI traffic to selected airports that do not have them in the default installed version of FS2002 (and an AFCAD file for Microsoft's new Oshkosh scenery that corrects taxiways and adds more parking). Also updates for FS2004. Great stuff from Len Hickman.
Jet Doctor University

relocated again

A very useful collection of help files, e.g. help on installing AFCAD files, aircraft files, Traffic Tools, Project AI files... (Thanks, Pär!)
www.ProjectAI.com Project AI: "Creating realistic AI traffic for FS2002". A new project (as of April 2002) worth keeping an eye on (noted by Skip Ryan).
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Frame Rate Optimisation and Other Miscellaneous Goodies
www.lagosim.com FSAssist:

In FS2002 it provides a Framerate Wizard that monitors performance and makes it easier to change the "slider" settings, but does not automatically adjust the settings, as well as the excellent Pushback facility (now with the option to start engines during pushback) and an improved Autosave.

In FS2000, it provides a Framerate Optimizer that automatically adjusts the flight sim's "sliders" to give you appropriate frame rates for different phases of flight. Also provides automatic en route traffic, autosave, FS Mouse support, scenery density hotkeys, the Mark 7 GPWS that will call out descent heights, and pushback. The last two of these are freeware!

www.schiratti.com/dowson.html Pete Dowson's home page, from which among his other useful software you can download the latest version of FSUIPC. FSUIPC is an essential interfacing module that allows external programs such as Real Weather to interface to the Microsoft flight Sim. It does more than that, however, it also adds some very useful intelligence of its own. It's compatible with FS98 add-ons, allowing them to work with later versions of FS, and will also work with FS98 as a replacement for Fs6ipc.dll (although it doesn't show any extra features when used with FS98). Tip: dowload it from this site, not from the other flight sim sites, you'll get the latest version.

AdvDisplay is a small module that runs inside FS98/FS2000/FS2002 (but not later versions) capturing text output from Adventures, which normally appears in the outside view screen, at the top, and diverting it to its own window. This window can be positioned anywhere on the FS screen, or even outside it. It looks like a normal Window unless “docked”, which attaches it to a specific position inside the Flight Simulator window, normally some place useful such as on the cockpit panel. V1.70 defaults the window to "off" so for a new panel you need to activate it via the Modules menu.

AutoSave automatically saves situation files at regular intervals, which is useful for recovering from crashes (even if your landings are always perfect, the software sometimes isn't...). Used with FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 - but not for FSX, where it's part of FSUIPC4 (see web site). Tip: AutoSave can cause noticeable pauses in some setups when it is writing to disk - if so then don't make the save interval too short.

www.flightsimdownloads.com Flight sim add-ons from Abacus - shareware, payware and freeware. Under Utilities you will find a number of free downloads, including the Abacus Flight Dynamics Editor (FDE). This allows you easily to edit the parameters in an aircraft's .air file (FS2002, FS2000, FS98, CFS1 and CFS2) and also provides useful info about those parameters. It automatically locates all your aircraft and lists them for you, which is a nice feature. Tip: one parameter I have found it useful to adjust on many planes is the default vertical speed ascend/descend rate that the autopilot uses. In my case I reduce it to a rate suitable for a final approach glide-path - this can produce a smoother response from the (simulated) autopilot in some situations, and is sometimes useful in non-ILS approaches. I previously used AirEd - Abacus FDE is better (thanks to Trip Lane for this recommendation).
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ATC and On Line Flying

(and you can get help from the AVSIM Radar Contact Support Forum)

Radar Contact - a highly recommended off-line ATC add-on for Microsoft Flight Sim, giving you very realistic Air Traffic Control. Requires FSUIPC.

Note: If you want to know what facilities are provided at a particular airport, one of the best places to look is Aeroplanner.com.

Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM)

Daniel Hill's article link updated

In July 2001 VATSIM replaced SATCO as the major centre for online virtual ATC. If you're interested, read Daniel Hill's excellent article Instructions on How to Use SquawkBox (SB) and FS2002 To Fly with Real-Time, Live sim-ATC, which as well as SquawkBox (essential ATC comms) also describes the optional use of Roger Wilco (voice comms), Whazzup! (graphical view of who's out there) and ServInfo (excellent non-graphical view of who's out there), all freeware, and tells you how to get hold of them.
Download from here in the AVSIM library Online Air Traffic Control by David Tidwell, White Rose International VA. "Considering flying online with real ATC? Haven't got a clue how to do it? What software do you need? Where do you get it? This document is a full and detailed introduction to flying online with live air traffic control support. It also details necessary software and how to install and configure it." Highly rated by TCA folk.
Hints & Tips on FS2002 ATC and On Line Flying See the entries for FS2002 ATC which are listed in the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant (details above)
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Aircraft and Panels
www.roychaffin.com/rcs-panels.html R.C.S. Panels - home page for, among other things, the R4D (DC-3) flight sim model, one of the all-time-great combinations of sim panels and aircraft for FS98/FS2000/FS2002. For more DC-3 stuff see also here.
Other sites for aircraft and panels See a large list of sites in the MSFS Gateway (details below).
Hints & tips on aircraft and panels Look up "Aircraft" or "Panels" using the search facilities of the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant (details above)
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Excellent catalogue of freeware FS2002 & FS2004 sceneries - FSX also, now

Kyle Ramsey writes: "Sceneries of the world, nicely cataloged, separate list for FS2002 and FS2004... 
"Now when I'm loading up a flight, notice I don't have that city's scenery (just default), shoot over to this list, quick d/l, load, and fly! I get scenery about every flight now!"
FS2002 scenery catalogs for US Northwestern States Including Alaska and Canadian Western Provinces

FS2004 scenery catalogs for US, Canada and International
Extensive FS2002 and FS2004 scenery catalogs by Heather Sherman, downloadable from Avsim library. Screenshots and direct links to hundreds of scenery files in different download libraries. "How many times have you wanted to install all of the scenery available for your favorite flying region but was daunted by the prospect of searching through the various libraries. Well, I’ve done that job for you. With these scenery directory catalogs, you can easily view what is avialable for your area of interest and determine where to get it. I hope to soon be opening my own web site where all of these listing will be viewable and updated on a regular basis. Until then, I hope that these listings ... will help you find what you’re looking for."
FSLandClass Scenery How To...Use Different Landscape Textures by Gerard Salden (you can use different landscape texture sets for different countries with FsLandClass using the technique described here). One of Flightsim's How To... collection.
Scenery Hall of Fame Tom Gregor's excellent site, now focused on "the art of creating scenery" - tools, techniques (textures, tutorials, macros, graphical editors, design utilities) - rather than on "the art" itself. Includes new stuff for FSX.
VFR Photographic Scenery For England, Wales & Scotland Questions about this outstanding, frame-rate friendly scenery are now answered in the Visual Flight Forums.

You'll find a lot of information about other freeware and payware airfields and facilities that blends in with the VFR Photographic Scenery at the UK Scenery Project.

"White Night" for FS2002 (collection of zip files that you can choose from) Modified night lighting for various cities by Manfred Domandl. Charles Paluda writes: "...They look much better than the original [generic and specific] FS2002 textures. It's still dark out which is good because previous FS versions were unnaturally light at night, but these textures make cities/etc. light up properly instead of that ugly yellow the default textures have."
More details and download from here in AVSIM File Library...

...and get Johan de Vries's front-end utility to select these waves and textures from here in AVSIM File Library.

Ed Truthan's Environmental Water Textures Library and Environmental Water Effects Library for FS2002 and FS2004

Among comments from TCA people:  "I'm totally impressed with the files - they add so much more to the scenery, especially to water landings!!" "I installed them Friday and have been flying some TDS floatplane flights and they are the best I've seen ... what a remarkable job of adding realism to the water motion and color."


(Relocated to the PILOT'S fsim.net site - you need to register (free) to download)

Real starry sky for FS2002 and FS2004. This patch by Norbert Pachner, Vienna, comprises all stars visible for the naked eye, taken from the BRIGHT STAR CATALOGUE, 4TH EDITION, by Wayne H. Warren Jr., May 1982 (BSC4).The original catalogue is freely available from the Internet. By default, it displays 9095 stars, which is much more than FS2002 standard. Comes with improved moon textures as well.
File new_envo.zip from the usual file libraries FS2002 Environment upgrade by Gerrit Kranenbarg. Most significant change has been made to the sun reflection on water surfaces (make sure the water reflection slider is on!). Secondary the color of the water is a little more saturated as is the color of the sky during dawn/dusk. Also improves the sun texture.
Lago's Flight Simulator Scenery Enhancer (FSSE) for FS2002 (and a version for FS2004)

(Select products, and then utilities)

This great product allows you easily to improve scenery from within FS2002 itself, using technology similar to that used in Lago's FSTraffic. You can easily select from a supplied library of static scenery objects (which will be added to by Lago in future) and position them using slew-like commands, the result being stored in very small scenery files. Many of these objects have interesting lighting effects.

As with FSTraffic tracks, FSSE scenery files are now also being exchanged by FSSE users - go to the FILES EXCHANGE section of the Lago site.

One of the nice things about FSSE is how easy it is to edit the scenery in such files, even while you are flying - you can literally point from your aircraft to each add-on scenery object in turn, and then delete, move, rescale or change the visibility distance of any such object.

You can try FSSE before you buy, you'll get a fully functional version with restricted capacity.

There is a version of FSSE for FS2004 also, but I haven't tried it myself.

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Note that this type of memory manager utility has been very useful in the past, but may become less necessary or even counter-productive with later operating systems (probably Windows 98SE onwards). However a new version for XP is available, which I have not tried.

RAMBOOSTER - a freeware utility that monitors and frees Random Access Memory. Completely safe (so far as the author can tell) and very efficient, this great little product returns areas of RAM that otherwise get gradually eaten up, either automatically or when you ask it to.You can set it not to do anything when your PC is highly loaded. The built-in help information for V1.6 also contains links to other information on improving the performance of your PC.
www.outertech.com CACHEMAN (V4.1 as of 17 April 2001) - a freeware utility that provides intelligent editing of the [vcache] parameters in your system.ini file, so that Windows 95/98 won't gobble up all of your memory with disk caching activities. You could edit your system.ini file yourself using run sysedit, but CACHEMAN takes account of your actual configuration and suggests appropriate settings, which you can then tweak if you want to. Unlike RAMBOOSTER, which it complements, CACHEMAN is not normally active in your system - it just edits parameters which come into effect next time you restart your computer.

A version for XP is also available (CachemanXP) - freeware although you can pay for an additional auto-optimization feature. It looks good but I have not tried it.

EndItAll 2

Information updated for Windows XP - see opposite.

EndItAll - a freeware utility that lets you quickly and safely close down all the background junk you don't need when you want all the power of your PC to do serious things, like flight sims, or before doing instals that don't like being interfered with. You can exclude certain programs from being closed down, e.g. RAMBOOSTER. EndItAll 2 is a major upgrade (September 2001). A newer version for XP (TaskPower 2), which has a lot of additional functionality, is also available, costs $7.97 as of July 2007.

You can also prevent programs from being started in the first place:

SynchronX SynchronX - a small (331K download), fast freeware utility that allows you easily to compare the contents of two directories (folders) and optionally synchronise their contents, including subdirectories if you want. It will tell you which files exist in only one of the two directories, which files are identical in both directories, and which files are more up to date in one directory than in the other. Right-click on any file in the list, and you can easily exclude that file or the type of that file from what comes next. One more click and you can make both directories the same, by taking the latest version from each directory. Another click gives you a desktop icon that will do that job again whenever you want. If you ever wrestled with Microsoft's Briefcase, forget it and see how a job should be done properly! As you get to know this superb little product, you'll find more and more uses for it. Tip: read-only attributes will stop files being over-written (you'll get an "access denied" warning), which can be useful if that's what you intended, or a bit disconcerting otherwise!
Breitling World Time Calculator

URL updated July 2007 - if it breaks again, try here

A neat freeware program (6 MB download), misleadingly named, that provides all of the following: 
  • World Time Functions: display UTC with a moving solar map and provide 6 clocks you can set individually to any part of the world.
  • Currency Converter: allows you to automatically download exchange rates and provides easy conversions based on these rates for countries that you specify (tip: you need to right-click the blue squares to select a country).You can manually over-ride a rate if you want.
  • Units Converter allows you to enter a number, select the kind of units (e.g. speed), select the units that the number represents (e.g. kph), and then indicates the equivalent value in other relevant units. One of the many kinds of unit is jet A1 fuel. Or for on-line conversions of almost anything to anything, try www.onlineconversion.com (thanks to Bill Molony for this recommendation).
  • Time Arithmetic Calculator: does things like work out the elapsed time between two times of day (useful for flight reports!).
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Setting Up Your PC & Graphics Card, General PC Help See here in the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant
www.driverheaven.net/downloads/ Where to get the latest drivers for your graphics card. For the latest "official" (not beta) releases go to www.nvidia.com (Nvidia based cards) 
or to www.ati.com (ATI based cards).

Tip: when installing a new driver, read the installation instructions VERY carefully, especially if they involve uninstalling an existing driver, and make sure you know how to go back to your previous driver should the new one not work for some reason. And check out the great information from Chris Hunt in the Feb 2004 section of  this TCA Hints & Tips File.

Download PDF file from here in the AVSIM library Beginners tweaking guide: Riva tuner & FS2002 – performance tweaking, by Andrew Tingle. Highly recommended. Great hints on tweaking GeForce 3 cards (also other GeForce cards) and other FS tweaks for speed

You'll find additional information from Andrew on these tweaks in the March 2003 section of this TCA Hints & Tips File.

GeForce FAQ

Relocated! If the above link breaks again, try this redirector.

Christopher Hill's FAQ contains a massive amount of information on all NVIDIA GeForce, GeForce2 and GeForce3 based cards, and especially Creative cards.


The Guru of 3D - a site dedicated to graphics hardware and games. Reviews, downloads, hints and tips, and much more.
www.3dchipset.com Contains, among other things, well organised information and downloads for 3D chipset drivers.
www.realtimesoft.com/multimon Han Tilroe writes: For everyone interested in multimonitors, look at this site. It's not a company, but a website full of info regarding for instance the chipsets that do work together...
www.microsoft.com/directx/ Home page for DirectX, with information and downloads.

If you need to uninstall a version of DirectX, which is rare but not unknown, try www1.freewebs.com/firecat (no guarantees!).

www.crucial.com If you are considering a memory upgrade, this is a really good place to look. The information provided is excellent, as well as the prices. Thanks to Rob Abernathy (again) for this recommendation.
support.microsoft.com Microsoft's support site, where you can search the MS Knowledge Base, download software, and much more.
Black Viper's Operating System Guides This is just part of a really useful site that provides great help on all kinds of software topics. Its home page is here.

XP users should check out the vast amount of useful information in Black Viper's Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations and Windows XP Strange Service Information. But there's lots more good stuff.

PC Advisor Helproom Forum A free service of the UK-based PC Advisor Magazine. You have to register, but you'll get access to a wealth of information on almost anything to do with PCs and software. If you don't find an answer to your problem straight away, ask a question and you may well get a good answer within minutes.
microsoft.public.windowsxp.*(several newsgroups for Windows XP users, accessed via Google Groups)

For more newsgroups & discussion forums, see here in the FS2002 Pilot's Assistant

Usenet newsgroups (discussion forums) are a great place to get help on a wide variety of subjects. If you can't subscribe to these directly, you can still access and post to them at Google Groups, which maintains a searchable 20 year archive of over 700,000,000 Usenet articles.
www.pcnineoneone.com This site describes itself as offering "Friendly Expert Computer Help - In Plain English", and it does. Among other useful stuff it offers a number of fixes for common problems that arise with Win9x and Win2K.
ANTI-SPAM Resources Resources that will assist you in keeping your own house relatively free of SPAM without having to resort to using a fake or bogus email reply-to address. This is one of the "extra" items provided at Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website.
www.tooby.demon.co.uk/Log/Netac.html Fixing Problems with the NETAC A100 Car MP3 / WMA player (and some other WMA players)

This off-topic item is just in case you have experienced exasperating problems with a portable player, particularly with WMA files, e.g. bogus NO FILES messages or having all your files mysteriously deleted.

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The Earth At Night This is one of NASA's Astronomy Pictures of the Day (posted 27 November 2000). It is a composite of hundreds of pictures of the earth's surface at night, taken by orbiting DMSP satellites, a particularly beautiful image with millions of glowing lights from human habitations. If you feel that flight simming has expanded your geographical horizons, you'll probably like this one. You can download high res versions of the image from this location.
The TerraServer Project Zoom in on the earth from space! "TerraServer.com is the online source for overhead imagery. We have the largest online atlas of high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography. TerraServer.com gives everyone with Internet access the ability to search, browse and buy overhead images of the world around them".
globexplorer.com Another major site for satellite imagery, recommended by Carl Lindarte as an improvement on TerraServer. You can browse free for images with watermarks, or register to get rid of watermarks.

Superb collection of online maps

This is from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas. Maps from all parts of the world (and even some from Mars!), including historical maps. A great recommendation from Kyle Ramsey.
Calculators On-Line Centre Jim Martindale's great site that provides calculators for almost anything (more than 15,000 of them!). Recommended by Kyle Ramsey, who writes: "If they missed some aspect of calculation, I can't see it. Bookmark this baby."

See also Aviation Calculators.

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Scenery Hall of Fame - now concentrating on scenery design tools and tutorials
A list of some of the popular "big name" flight sim sites, including sites offering free download libraries, if not included elsewhere. No slur is intended on any site not listed here!
MSFS Gateway

Now grouped by categories for easier lookup!

Tony Smith's MSFS Gateway - several pages listing a large number of good quality Microsoft Flight Simulator related web sites. Categories include Tutorials, Flight Planning, Aircraft, Panels, Scenery, ATC, Virtual Airlines, and several others. The summaries are more than usually informative and there's a neat use of icons to convey the nature of each site. One of the best designed and most popular FS reference sites on the net.
The X-Plane Gateway [new URL] "The X-Plane Gateway has illustrated links to more than 150 of the best sites offering third party aircraft, panels, scenery, and utilities for X-Plane." Tony Smith tells me (Oct 2008) that he has given away his X-Plane Gateway to a new owner.
http://topskills.com/fslinks.htm "Popular and Excellent Flight Sim Sites". A useful and selective list from TopSkills.
Partners page at www.avsim.com AVSIM Partners - selected sites that have something special to offer in many areas, including aircraft performance data, ATC, challenging flights, charity support,charts, cockpit sims, flight dynamics, flight lessons, light aviation (e.g. paragliders), panels, scenery, sim add-ons (and how to create or improve them), sim aircraft, sim improvement suggestions and technical tips.
World of FS Martin Bruinsma and Bert van Kampen's newly renovated site (August 2001). A relatively small but good selection of descriptions, reviews and downloads of flight sim products (including aircraft, panels, scenery, tools, video cards). A forum has been added. A nice looking site with a better than average use of graphics and screenshots, it deserves to do well.
Acknowledgements These are people whose work has really helped me in learning sim flying and in creating the Pilot's Assistant Toolset - they might be able to help you too!
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